Abundaculture Gardening

This course is an easily-duplicated, God-focused, gardening strategy empowering the poor to feed themselves and provide for their families.  Combining the truths found in scripture with the principles revealed in natural ecosystems, Abundaculture Gardening offers a sustainable and ecologically sound plan for flourishing.  In this intensive one week course, students will dig in with hands-on training in the A to Z's of sustainable agriculture, practical evangelism and relationship building.  Come prepared to have fun, get dirty and change the world! 

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Using the principles begun by Brian Oldreive in northern Zimbabwe, this course will teach you the foundations for farming. Sloping Agriculture Land Technology, drip irrigation, and how to care for plants are all skills you will learn. But the course also focuses on how the principles of farming can be utilized for effective discipleship, teaching you how to grow plants and grow in faith.


Course Fee: $625

Includes course instruction, materials, comfortable housing and tasty meals. Our affordable fees are made possible by professional instructors who volunteer or raise their own support - that's how eager we are to share our expertise!  Full Payment due with registration.

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