Tim & Holly Anderson

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Tim works with Hydromissions International planning projects and drilling wells in South and Central America, Africa and wherever God leads.
Holly and the kids run a ministry house, The Blue Castle, in Cuzco, Peru, hosting mission’s groups and individuals looking to work with orphans and rural church plants.

John and Lydia Apeh

Dr. John Apeh a graduate of Biola University is with his wife Lydia a native of Nigeria. The Apeh's operate an extensive ministry from a K-8 school in Odu Ofugo with three hundred children enrolled to a bible school/ evangelists training center in the provincial capital of Ayangba with 12 students in a three year program to a proposed pastors training school in Abuja the nations new Capital. In addition the Apehs run a Christian Press providing tracts and educational materials for the Nigerian church.

Jeremy and Tamara Boone

In 2002 Jeremy was standing in the rift valley of Kenya pledging to never work with the tribe who had murdered, raped and pillaged the villagers around him.  This was his first time to hear about the Karamojong Tribe.  In 2009, Jeremy and his wife left for Jinja, Uganda and soon began serving in a refugee camp turned slum called Masese III.  The people who live there fled the high deserts to escape war, child abduction and famine. Decades later, the community still struggles to survive each day and is aid dependent.  Though many of them say they are Christians their community is largely devoid of any tangible evidence of God’s love.  The people who live there…  the Karamojong tribe.  We are sure that God has called and sent us, alongside of others, to share the Gospel in word and deed with the hope He will bring His Karamojong children to Himself.

Today, the Karamojong in Masese Slum are at risk of being displaced again as the town dismantles the community to make room for development.  Nearly everyone is at a loss about where they will go or what they will do. As the community disappears, it is more clear than ever that Jesus’ call to disciple is the only way to make a long-term, eternal impact among the Karamojong tribe.  We currently seek discipling relationships through three platforms.

Financial Training and Job Creation. We seek to provide practical business skills and opportunities that give way for the Karamojong to leave aid dependency and engage the dignity of meaningful work.  We want husbands to care for their wives, Single moms for their children and the list goes on.

Advocacy.  We seek to have honest conversations with the Karamojong in order to help shape the NGO services rendered to the community.  This involves connecting the Karamojong to needed services, preventing abuse of these services or even working to prevent organizations who unknowingly or carelessly promote unethical services - like adoption of children with caring parents.

Church Planting.  We seek to experience and invite the Karamojong into a simple church format that is reproducible for the poor.

Since being in Uganda we've adopted 2 children, Gloria and Evan as well as given birth to two more, Karis and Sam.  For more information about us or our, visit us atwww.boonesinafrica.com or contact us at jeremy@boonesinafrica.com.

David Davis

David grew up in Lexington, SC, where he came to know the Lord at an early age. As s boy he enjoyed the farm, Scouts, and designing projects, not knowing that God was preparing him for something different. He studied engineering at Clemson University and credits FCA, RUF, and Clemson PCA with helping him grow spiritually. In 1991 David responded to God’s call instead of finishing a masters degree and returning to NASA. Since 1995 David has been in Ouro Fino, Minas Gerais, about 100 miles north of Sao Paulo. Through MTW and Equip he’s developing Christian foster homes and vocational training for children from dysfunctional families.  Most of the children accept the Lord when they experience love, the gospel, and a stable home for the first time in their lives. That then opens the door to work with their family and neighbors. Some of the children are back in their restored families, and others have left the nest as productive citizens. The Hope and Life project has averaged 25 boys since 2000.

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Andy Eash

Andrew Eash lived in Costa Rica for a year and recently served in Brazil on a mission trip. His passion for resourceful living has led to his experimentation and design in solar, as well as aquaponics and other agricultural methods. Andrew continues to explore this interest, studying Renewable Energy at John Brown University.

Samuel & Zareni Foose

Samuel and Zareni are living in northern India, a region characterized by rich diversity of cultures and religions.  Within a few hours of their location, there are Muslims, Hindu’s, Buddhists, tribal animists, and small pockets of Christians, representing several hundred people groups each with a distinct language.  Also within a days journey are several international borders - Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.  Despite all of this extensive diversity, they have found three unifying characteristics that undergird every people group and community in their region - agrarian lifestyles, poverty, and a dearth of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

Samuel and Zareni are seeking to establish a resource and demonstration center both to teach and exemplify Godly stewardship of the land in a way to alleviate poverty and restore abundance to creation, as well as a functional “place of peace” where: newly converted people can learn more about the Gospel while acquiring practical skills, abandoned children can grow in safety and find hope, abused women can get empowered, and cast out elderly can find rest and acceptance.  Their dream is to empower indigenous ministries by working in collaboration with people from the surrounding people groups and nations to establish this project, and in this way also encourage peace between the groups through the common ground of agriculture.  In a phrase, they seek a more holistic approach to Christ-centered missions.

In 2012 Samuel was sent by an international church in South Korea where he had been teaching English for two years to an organization in Nepal that focused on outreach to remote Tibetan communities in the Himalaya. Zareni had been working with this organization for 6 years, and the two spent much of the year working together before God made it abundantly clear he had bigger plans for their relationship.  Zareni had managed a Bible school, started a Kids Club of street children she had ministered to in Kathmandu, counseled a number of women caught in human trafficking schemes in the city, and led short term teams out to do evangelism in remote areas of Nepal.  In 2013 they were married in Zareni’s home town of Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, a state bordering Myanmar deep in the northeast region of India.  In 2014 Samuel received his certificate in Permaculture Design, to add to his previous experience volunteering for an extended time at ECHO’s farm in northern Thailand.  In 2015 they pursued further training in the USA including seminars at ECHO in Florida, training with Equip' Jack Dody and  Abundaculture curriculum in Colorado, with a networking with other like minded Christian farmers along the way.  

Feel free to check out their blog at samuelfoose.wordpress.com, or send them an email at samuel@foosemission.org

Carlos and Yolanda Gomez

Carlos Gomez was born in 1947 in Madrid, Spain. He was converted to faith in Jesus Christ at the age of seventeen through the Christian testimony of his mother. Having sensed a call to the gospel ministry soon after his conversion, Carlos completed a three year course of Biblical studies in Great Britain. For the past thirty five years he has served in Spain as a pastor, evangelist and church planter under the auspices of an evangelical faith USA mission.

Carlos is a very gifted man and has been used greatly by the Lord. Being Spanish, he obviously knows the Spanish mind and culture very well. Being connected with a mission board in the States, married to an American, having studied in England, a good communicator and his love for the Lord and desire that many hear His message qualifies him to minister the gospel in many different cross-cultural situations.

Aside from the many responsibilities Carlos has in ministry, (minister's association of Madrid, President of the Evangelist's Association, a frequent conference speaker, teacher in a Bible School in Madrid, and additional involvement with various ministry projects), he is also very active in church planting in Spain. In the last 27 years, he has started 6 churches in the Madrid area and 1 in Cantabria a Northern region of Spain. Through Carlos' Timothies and his mentoring of them we have seen sixteen new churches be born throughout Spain (not counting the seven mentioned before). Presently, Carlos, along with his wife Yolanda, is working in his seventh church in a city near Madrid called Las Rozas. As he has said many times, "Church planting is where my heart is!" Not only is his heart there, but the majority of his energies are there as well.

Carlos and Yolanda have two precious daughters; Esther married to Fernando Vangioni and mother of four, and Hadassah. Esther and Fernando just returned to Spain after serving a year in Paraguay with an ONG. Hadassah has graduated from CIU.

Jean and Christine Hajabakiga

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Jean and Christine lead Reformation Christian Center, a ministry they pioneered in Rwanda in 2013.  From humble beginnings after they returned to Rwanda, the ministry today operates from a base in the capital, Kigali, with outreach ministries in three rural areas.  They operate a thriving church, school, daycare, and numerous community development programs.

Jan Jones

Jan Jones is a writer and educator with over twenty-five years of teaching experience. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has done graduate work in Christian education. She has combined her interests by seeking the Lord for creative ways to reach all ages with the gospel.

She began her work in Japan by offering English classes that have become Bible studies. This past Christmas, with her students and friends, she produced the biblical account of Jesus' birth (see photos below) on a large stage in Iruma, Japan. Symphony orchestra members and a choral group presented parts of the Messiah as the drama was narrated and acted out. Publicity was aimed solely at non-Christians. Government workers from city hall came and the mayor gave a welcoming address. Close to 700 people attended and five hundred accepted "Jesus" video tapes from Campus Crusade.

Mike & Louise McDonald


Shortly after retiring from a 20-year career with the US Navy (Seabees), I met Louise while she was working as a travel nurse on Martha’s Vineyard.  We married in January of 2003.  A mutual love for the Lord and His Holy Word spawned an interest to pursue missionary work.  I currently teach children with special needs while Louise works as a dialysis registered nurse.  Louise enjoys visual hobbies such as painting, gardening and cooking whereas my interests include doing physical work, raising farm animals and attempting to play different musical instruments.  We both enjoy meeting new people and developing lasting friendships.

Charlie & Kara Nichols

Charlie and Kara are from Indiana and will be serving in Belize with their three beautiful daughters Tinsley, Delanie, and Everly. Charlie grew up on a small family farm and has a degree in agriculture from Purdue University.  He is helping an orphanage bring their property into food production by raising animals and gardening using the ‘Farming Gods Way’ curriculum.

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Enid Nazziwa

Enid Nazziwa is a rural health worker in Uganda who lost her husband to HIV/AIDS sixteen years ago.  Through the Good Samaritan Clinic, she spiritually and medically attends to poor HIV/AIDS patients, their families, and the elderly.  Enid lives in Budo with her children Isaac, Psalms, Vickie, Catherine and Caroline.

Ben and Emily Okello

Ben and Emily Okello serve in their native Kenya and in the neighboring countries. Ben is a school teacher with a BA in business from Messiah College (Daystar Kenya campus) Ben has had extensive experience as an evangelist and church planter and currently oversees about 15 churches that he started. Ben is frequently invited to speak in Tanzania and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over the past few months Ben has personally led over 300 people to Christ.

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Tom & Nancy Rach

Dr. Tom Rach holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Education and Extension. His wife, Nancy, has a B.S. in Rural Sociology. The Rach's serve in one of the poorest states in Mexico, the southern state of Chiapas. They minister to the poor using agricultural & community development projects (sanitation and water technologies) combined with Bible studies and kids clubs. They work in partnership with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico and other local Christians.

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Jim & Breanna Randall


We partner with local believers to develop Biblical resources for use within the church, and for evangelism to the many diverse people groups within Myanmar. Our latest big project has been producing The Jesus Storybook Bible in the Burmese language. We are passionate about seeing the news of Jesus made accessible to all people, across racial, political, and socioeconomic divides. To that end, we live and raise our daughters in the midst of a diverse local community, sharing our lives and our hope with our neighbors at every opportunity. 

You can follow along with our journey at our blog. (http://burmachronicle.com/theblog/#blog)

Or follow our life in photos via Breanna’s instagram account (http://instagram.com/br_randall/).