Ryan and Jenny Rempel

Ryan Rempel is our Canadian missionary based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He is married to Jennie and have three beautiful children, Abigail, Elliette and Tobias.

Ryan is the Project Director of Give the Word.  Give the Word is a Canadian Bible distribution ministry of Equip Canada and is based out of Winnipeg, MB.  They have a passion for local outreach and raise funds to supply easy to read, outreach geared Bibles to churches, ministries and individuals.  Give the Word is entirely funded on donations and encourages peopole to sponsor Bibles that will go out to be used in community evangelism and outreach.

Please visit the website at www.GivetheWord.ca or follow the Blog at www.givethewordproject.blogspot.com

Never Judge

This June, Give the Word had the opportunity to partner with six other inner city ministries and hosted a community inner city BBQ for 1,500 of Winnipeg's homeless and less fortunate.  We fed them, we entertained them with two worship bands, we made the women feel special by having a portable nail salon, we did face paining with the kids, and so much more.  We also connected with them on a spiritual level as well by giving away Bibles and offering to pray into people's lives.  My heart broke for all the people that I was blessed to talk with.  This included, people suffering from addiction, abuse, disease, brokenness, loss and hopelessness.  As people would open up to us about their struggles, we had the opportunity to speak truth into their lives and to leave them with God's loveletter to them.  The Bible.

A few people made the decision that day to accept Christ into their lives and it was such a blessing to leave them a Bible.  I spoke with a man named Ray (a big biker looking man) who had just gotten out of Stony Mountain Penitentiary.  He came up to me to specifically thank me for showing love to people like him.  Ray had accepted Christ whle he was in jail, but now I had the opportunity to leave him with his very own Bible.  He was very thankful to have a Bible to read for himself and also took an extra one so that he could share his faith with someone else and leave them with a Bible as well.  He also mentioned that he was out of a job and didn't have a place to live.  He asked if I could pray for his situation and to ask God to provide for his needs.

When we equip ourselves with resources and make the decision to be bold for Jesus, opportunities to share Christ with people around us are endless.  Ray looked like the last person that you would want to talk about Jesus.  Let alone give him a Bible, but God knows better and puts the right people in the right place at the right time...if we are willing.

Thank you to all our supporters who allow us to freely give the Word through their giving of finances.  You all play such a huge role in this ministry allowing us to put the living Word of God into people's hands every day.

Ryan Rempel

Director - Give the Word