Van and Nancy Smith

Van - I was born in Washington, GA, in 1947, and attended high school in Macon, GA, where I heard about missions from two lady missionaries.  Later during a Youth Crusade in 1965, I received Jesus as my personal Savior.  In 1967 I enlisted in the USMC and went to Vietnam in 1968 where God reinforced my desire to serve Him on a foreign field.  After Vietnam I attended Moody Bible Institute and met Nancy who was also called to the mission field.  We were married in 1971 and began planning our training for overseas missions together.  After reenlisting in the USMC, I received my flight training and was assigend to fly a Sikorshy CH-53 helicopter and served another year in Vietnam.  In August, 1978, I began preparations to be a missionary pilot.

Nancy - I was raised in a Lutheran Sunday school, and just before my tenth birthday in 1958 I attend a Christian & Missionary Alliance VBS where I learned that Jesus loved me.  It was then that I accepted Him as my Savior.  After receiving my Christian Education degree from Moody and marrying Van, we moved to Kenya in 1979 where Van flew helicopters for three years.  In 1984 we returned to Keny to work with the Pokot people.

For the last few years Van and Nancy have been focused on and ministering in Belize where they are training nationals in micro-business.

Prayer Letter