Ben and Emily Okello

Ben and Emily Okello serve in their native Kenya and in the neighboring countries. Ben is a school teacher with a BA in business from Messiah College (Daystar Kenya campus) Ben has had extensive experience as an evangelist and church planter and currently oversees about 15 churches that he started. Ben is frequently invited to speak in Tanzania and in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over the past few months Ben has personally led over 300 people to Christ.

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Tom & Nancy Rach

Dr. Tom Rach holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Education and Extension. His wife, Nancy, has a B.S. in Rural Sociology. The Rach's serve in one of the poorest states in Mexico, the southern state of Chiapas. They minister to the poor using agricultural & community development projects (sanitation and water technologies) combined with Bible studies and kids clubs. They work in partnership with the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico and other local Christians.

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Derek Reimer

I grew up in the small town southeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in a Christian home busy with sports, friends and working as a self-employed drywaller since 2006.  I moved to Calgary in 2014 to start the next chapter of my life.  Coming back to Christ in 2015 I’m now excited to serve the Lord!

Ryan and Jenny Rempel

Ryan Rempel is our Canadian missionary based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  He is married to Jennie and have three beautiful children, Abigail, Elliette and Tobias.

Ryan is the Project Director of Give the Word.  Give the Word is a Canadian Bible distribution ministry of Equip Canada and is based out of Winnipeg, MB.  They have a passion for local outreach and raise funds to supply easy to read, outreach geared Bibles to churches, ministries and individuals.  Give the Word is entirely funded on donations and encourages peopole to sponsor Bibles that will go out to be used in community evangelism and outreach.

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Never Judge

This June, Give the Word had the opportunity to partner with six other inner city ministries and hosted a community inner city BBQ for 1,500 of Winnipeg's homeless and less fortunate.  We fed them, we entertained them with two worship bands, we made the women feel special by having a portable nail salon, we did face paining with the kids, and so much more.  We also connected with them on a spiritual level as well by giving away Bibles and offering to pray into people's lives.  My heart broke for all the people that I was blessed to talk with.  This included, people suffering from addiction, abuse, disease, brokenness, loss and hopelessness.  As people would open up to us about their struggles, we had the opportunity to speak truth into their lives and to leave them with God's loveletter to them.  The Bible.

A few people made the decision that day to accept Christ into their lives and it was such a blessing to leave them a Bible.  I spoke with a man named Ray (a big biker looking man) who had just gotten out of Stony Mountain Penitentiary.  He came up to me to specifically thank me for showing love to people like him.  Ray had accepted Christ whle he was in jail, but now I had the opportunity to leave him with his very own Bible.  He was very thankful to have a Bible to read for himself and also took an extra one so that he could share his faith with someone else and leave them with a Bible as well.  He also mentioned that he was out of a job and didn't have a place to live.  He asked if I could pray for his situation and to ask God to provide for his needs.

When we equip ourselves with resources and make the decision to be bold for Jesus, opportunities to share Christ with people around us are endless.  Ray looked like the last person that you would want to talk about Jesus.  Let alone give him a Bible, but God knows better and puts the right people in the right place at the right time...if we are willing.

Thank you to all our supporters who allow us to freely give the Word through their giving of finances.  You all play such a huge role in this ministry allowing us to put the living Word of God into people's hands every day.

Ryan Rempel

Director - Give the Word

Kyle and Marilyn Rudge

Kyle, Marilyn, Kianna, and ‘Baby’ (July, 2015) all reside in the great white north of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Kyle is a graduate of Canadian Mennonite University and has been working in media for several years.  Marilyn graduated with a Christian Studies and Psychology degree and is slowly working on her Masters of Illustration with the Academy of Art in San Francisco. At present Kyle lends his voice part-time to the morning show of Winnipeg's Christian radio station CHVN.  He loves all things fantasy, science fiction, and comics, and the especially communities that form around them.  That's the heart behind the project he's started called Geekdom House.

Van and Nancy Smith

Van - I was born in Washington, GA, in 1947, and attended high school in Macon, GA, where I heard about missions from two lady missionaries.  Later during a Youth Crusade in 1965, I received Jesus as my personal Savior.  In 1967 I enlisted in the USMC and went to Vietnam in 1968 where God reinforced my desire to serve Him on a foreign field.  After Vietnam I attended Moody Bible Institute and met Nancy who was also called to the mission field.  We were married in 1971 and began planning our training for overseas missions together.  After reenlisting in the USMC, I received my flight training and was assigend to fly a Sikorshy CH-53 helicopter and served another year in Vietnam.  In August, 1978, I began preparations to be a missionary pilot.

Nancy - I was raised in a Lutheran Sunday school, and just before my tenth birthday in 1958 I attend a Christian & Missionary Alliance VBS where I learned that Jesus loved me.  It was then that I accepted Him as my Savior.  After receiving my Christian Education degree from Moody and marrying Van, we moved to Kenya in 1979 where Van flew helicopters for three years.  In 1984 we returned to Keny to work with the Pokot people.

For the last few years Van and Nancy have been focused on and ministering in Belize where they are training nationals in micro-business.

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Jordan St.Cyr

Jordan St. Cyr - Picture.jpg

Jordan St.Cyr is a contemporary Christian artist and worship leader from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is the most recent winner of Nashville Rising Star and is a Covenant Award nominee. He and his amazing wife Heather have three beautiful children Aidan, Liam, and Willa. 

Henry and Elizabeth Vargas

God is doing some big things at Managua Christian Academy and the ministry surrounding it, and we want to share them with you. We have been very busy this year and really since the old school property flooded out for that matter. For this reason we fail at times to connect with you, our supporters, and keep you up to date on the ministry. We apologize for this  and thank you for sticking with us and believing in God’s work of MCA.