Samuel & Zareni Foose

Samuel and Zareni are living in northern India, a region characterized by rich diversity of cultures and religions.  Within a few hours of their location, there are Muslims, Hindu’s, Buddhists, tribal animists, and small pockets of Christians, representing several hundred people groups each with a distinct language.  Also within a days journey are several international borders - Nepal, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.  Despite all of this extensive diversity, they have found three unifying characteristics that undergird every people group and community in their region - agrarian lifestyles, poverty, and a dearth of the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

Samuel and Zareni are seeking to establish a resource and demonstration center both to teach and exemplify Godly stewardship of the land in a way to alleviate poverty and restore abundance to creation, as well as a functional “place of peace” where: newly converted people can learn more about the Gospel while acquiring practical skills, abandoned children can grow in safety and find hope, abused women can get empowered, and cast out elderly can find rest and acceptance.  Their dream is to empower indigenous ministries by working in collaboration with people from the surrounding people groups and nations to establish this project, and in this way also encourage peace between the groups through the common ground of agriculture.  In a phrase, they seek a more holistic approach to Christ-centered missions.

In 2012 Samuel was sent by an international church in South Korea where he had been teaching English for two years to an organization in Nepal that focused on outreach to remote Tibetan communities in the Himalaya. Zareni had been working with this organization for 6 years, and the two spent much of the year working together before God made it abundantly clear he had bigger plans for their relationship.  Zareni had managed a Bible school, started a Kids Club of street children she had ministered to in Kathmandu, counseled a number of women caught in human trafficking schemes in the city, and led short term teams out to do evangelism in remote areas of Nepal.  In 2013 they were married in Zareni’s home town of Kohima, the capital of Nagaland, a state bordering Myanmar deep in the northeast region of India.  In 2014 Samuel received his certificate in Permaculture Design, to add to his previous experience volunteering for an extended time at ECHO’s farm in northern Thailand.  In 2015 they pursued further training in the USA including seminars at ECHO in Florida, training with Equip' Jack Dody and  Abundaculture curriculum in Colorado, with a networking with other like minded Christian farmers along the way.  

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