Raising Chickens

Enjoy this introduction from Dr. Jim Adkins (a.k.a "the Chicken Man") and scroll down to purchase our latest course offering, Raising Chickens 101, a 5 part online course.

After viewing these videos, you will be prepared to begin raising chickens and producing meat and/or eggs. The principles taught in this 36 minute course are applicable to US and overseas locations.

Raising Chickens 101   (A Video Course)

                                                          The 36 minute Course Includes:

  1. Choosing A Breed
  2. Ingredients for Success
  3. Parts of a Chicken
  4. Common Questions
  5. Building a Coop

Housekeeping note: 

Click "Add to Cart" to purchase the course using a credit card. You will then be emailed a file with a unique link and a password to view the 5 videos.  The link file is for the use of your household  alone.  If you have technical questions you may contact Jenny Schermerhorn at 828-299-4398.