[MMI] came highly recommended by a colleague… and contained a broader scope of training more suitable to the Third World environment that we will be in than a paramedic course.  What an incredible experience! I have nothing but good things to say about the course, and about the instructors who teach it. Each of the highly qualified, successful, and experienced lecturers donated their time to the course for the impact it will have on lives around the world. That really speaks to how much they believe in what they’re doing.  MMI is an incredible resource for people ministering in areas where there is no doctor.  I am in no way claiming that this course is going to make anyone a doctor. But what it is going to do is equip you to be more effective when you are the last option.

C.S. (Africa)

Well Drilling



[CHE] is a wonderful expression of God's biblical basis for enabling wholistic development among the poor.  Thank you for our initial CHE training!  God is multiplying the seeds you have sown.  We have been able to share CHE's strategy for wholistic development with more than 200 Central Europeans.   

R.S. (Central Europe)

CHE is more than a model program for community health.  It puts people before programs and projects, like Jesus did.  It's relational, disarming, long-term, servant-oriented, long-suffering, focused on root issues, and determined to see people take ownership of the truth. 

J.B. (Uganda)

Our CHE training was a real eye-opener.  When practiced on the field in Liberia, we found that the material had a profound effect on the thought processes of people long accustomed to hand-outs rather than hand-ups!  We look forward to continuing as trainers for many years.

J.C. (Africa)