Concrete Dome Construction

Thin Shell Concrete can be utilized to build extremely strong, safe, affordable housing, food storage structures or water catchment basins. For developing countries, these dome-shaped structures can offer a long-term haven from storms, earthquakes, floods and fires. Our course offers hands-on training in site selection, design and construction of a Thin Shell Concrete dome. During our course, we will build a 14 foot diameter concrete dome.  Come prepared to get dirty—leave with the knowledge and experience you'll need to help others build affordable dome structures in their community.

Course Details

Thin Shell Concrete (TSC ) construction is an Appropriate Technology which is applicable to meet many needs in Developing Nations. These range from 8-foot diameter Rainwater Catchment tanks and vermin & theft secure Granaries, to economical permanent village Homes of 20 to 30+ foot diameter, to Churches and Schools up to 40 feet in diameter. With a change in construction methodology, Thin Shell Concrete domes have been built as large as 280 feet in diameter, though this course will be concerned only with those structures under 40 feet in diameter.  We will be using the techniques and AirForm equipment developed by David South at the Monolithic Dome Institute.

Course Registration - Dome Construction

Course Fee $750

Includes course instruction, materials, comfortable housing and tasty meals.  Our affordable fees are made possible by professional instructors who volunteer or raise their own support - that's how eager we are to share our expertise!  Full Payment due with registration.

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