Brian & Ruth Dyck


Known as the “Interlake” of Manitoba, Brian and Ruth hail from their farm 5 miles North of Riverton.  Having been farmers and business entrepreneurs who are passionate followers of Jesus, mission has always been a way of life. 

By God’s grace, they’ve raised five amazing children and will be celebrating 30 years of marriage Dec. 29, 2018.  Their only daughter was the first to be married adding another amazing young man into the mix.  Brian and Ruth have been active through the years in literally every aspect of organized church ministry as well as short and long term missions overseas. 

During their time farming in South Sudan, July 2015-April 2016, Brian began exploring the idea of how cost effective entry level farm machinery could be built in Africa, with resources already in Africa.  Back in Canada the “Walking Tractor” was born and in 2018 the pair traveled to Uganda to build the first of many walking tractors.  The next step was finding an organization that both Ruth and Brian’s visions and heart for service was compatible with. 

We are very excited to be a part of the Equip family and look forward to what God wants to do through this partnership.

Matt and Cheryl Peters

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Matt and Cheryl Peters live in Winnipeg’s inner city with their daughter Eleah Rain (a true miracle baby and answer to prayer and promise). They find themselves connected to many young people and couples seeking counselling, coaching, and encouragement,

Over the past 16 years Cheryl has been ministering in the inner city by building deep relationships with young women and mentored them through their spiritual walk. She has been the constant for young mothers trying to navigate life and love in times of struggle.

Matt is a passionate adventure ministry leader sharing God’s story with others while
experiencing God’s incredible creation. Matt’s joy is being outdoors in any season leading life-changing experiences for youth through Manitoba’s backcountry.

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Derek Reimer

I'm from the small town of Landmark, Manitoba.  I grew up in an Christian home but got involved heavily into drugs, alcohol, and gangs and fell away from the Lord.  After serving over two years in prison, I got released in Calgary, Alberta, to start the next chapter of my life.  After some more severe adversities in Calgary, I finally gave it all over to Jesus in the summer of 2015.  I was born again!  I started feeling intense empathy, sympathy and compassion for the street people and began spending my evenings on the streets with them, buying them meals, praying for them and sharing my story for encouragement.  The Lord has so firmly placed this calling on  my heart (Philippians 2:13), I'm honored and privileged to have this ministry (MISSION7), and most importantly by the grace of God being able to be an ambassador for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20) representing him everywhere my feet shall tread!

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Ryan Rempel

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Ryan Rempel is our Canadian missionary based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Ryan founded Give the Word in 2013.  It started with a passion to share the gospel and to see people come to faith in Christ.  Ryan's goal was to make the Bible free and available to people who wanted to share the gospel.  Give the Word has now grown into a full time ministry donating over 50,000 Bibles per year to ministries across the country.  Ryan is also a speaker on the topic of evangelism, speaking at churches, conferences and events all over the country.



So, what's the mission and goal of Give the Word?

Give the Word is about Found people finding people.

The Bible is the most powerful tool we have.  Since we operate on donations, our goal is to take cost out of the equation when giving away Bibles.  We want to make the Bible available to people, ministries, and organizations who are passionate about sharing the gospel.

Equipping Christians for outreach with Bibles designed for outreach is really our main focus. It's really that simple.

Give the Word...because the gospel changes everything!

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Rob & Priscilla Wiebe


Rob and Priscilla work with Ryan Rempel at Give the Word in Ministry Development, building awareness and relationships with different ministries and organizations to help them minister to their networks.

Rob and Priscilla live just south of Winnipeg in Blumenort, MB and have fun with their two energetic children, Jesse and Cassandra.

Priscilla works in the finance department of a local roofing company and Rob has a home studio voice over company which he often uses to help promote Give the Word. If you know of an organization that needs a voice, he’s always there to help.

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