Missionary Medicine for Physicians (MMP)

MMP is designed specifically for physicians, physicians assistants and nurse practitioners—this five-day course provides diagnostic and treatment principles for those who choose to work in remote, developing areas where sophisticated instrumentation and lab tests are not available. A valuable course for short and long-term medical missionaries.


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The training consists of detailed presentations of the most common diseases
seen in third world settings and emphasizes diagnosis and treatment.  This
would include not only the major killers like malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, 
but also many other tropical diseases and conditions not usually seen in
western medicine.  Other topics such as critical childbirth and women's issues, 
international drug options, complications of malnutrition and anemia, common
dental issues facing physicians, and barriers to best practices in global health
missions will also be discussed.  In addition to formal didactic presentations
and discussion students will work independently to successfully complete a
series of well-crafted case studies.

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From former MMP studentS

“One of the best CME courses I have attended in over 40 years of medicine.”
Mark Thorson, MD

“The MMP course was very helpful. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from some excellent Christian providers that taught the course and I enjoyed hearing about their experiences and the experiences of others that were there to learn. I especially liked learning ways to teach the people how to help themselves. I don't want to just breeze in and fix something temporarily. I want to help them help themselves and share the love of our Lord with them. After the course, I felt better equipped to embark on mission trips and to serve in medical clinics in areas where medical care was scarce and often not available.”

Kathy Smothers, NP


course fee:  $990 (without CME credit)

                     $1320 (with CME credit)**

Includes course instruction, materials, comfortable housing and tasty meals. Our affordable fees are made possible by professional instructors who volunteer or raise their own support - that's how eager we are to share our expertise!  

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