Carlos and Yolanda Gomez

Carlos Gomez was born in 1947 in Madrid, Spain. He was converted to faith in Jesus Christ at the age of seventeen through the Christian testimony of his mother. Having sensed a call to the gospel ministry soon after his conversion, Carlos completed a three year course of Biblical studies in Great Britain. For the past thirty five years he has served in Spain as a pastor, evangelist and church planter under the auspices of an evangelical faith USA mission.

Carlos is a very gifted man and has been used greatly by the Lord. Being Spanish, he obviously knows the Spanish mind and culture very well. Being connected with a mission board in the States, married to an American, having studied in England, a good communicator and his love for the Lord and desire that many hear His message qualifies him to minister the gospel in many different cross-cultural situations.

Aside from the many responsibilities Carlos has in ministry, (minister's association of Madrid, President of the Evangelist's Association, a frequent conference speaker, teacher in a Bible School in Madrid, and additional involvement with various ministry projects), he is also very active in church planting in Spain. In the last 27 years, he has started 6 churches in the Madrid area and 1 in Cantabria a Northern region of Spain. Through Carlos' Timothies and his mentoring of them we have seen sixteen new churches be born throughout Spain (not counting the seven mentioned before). Presently, Carlos, along with his wife Yolanda, is working in his seventh church in a city near Madrid called Las Rozas. As he has said many times, "Church planting is where my heart is!" Not only is his heart there, but the majority of his energies are there as well.

Carlos and Yolanda have two precious daughters; Esther married to Fernando Vangioni and mother of four, and Hadassah. Esther and Fernando just returned to Spain after serving a year in Paraguay with an ONG. Hadassah has graduated from CIU.

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