Cindy Albertson

Cindy and Jeff, her husband of over thirty years, have three grown children and three grandchildren.  In 2000 they went to Uganda on a mission trip.  Since that first trip, Cindy has become a nurse and served in Uganda several times a year and twice in Ghana on short-term mission trips.  God has called her to share the love of Christ to those, especially the children.

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Jeremy and Tamara Boone

In 2002 Jeremy was standing in the rift valley of Kenya pledging to never work with the tribe who had murdered, raped and pillaged the villagers around him.  This was his first time to hear about the Karamojong Tribe.  In 2009, Jeremy and his wife left for Jinja, Uganda and soon began serving in a refugee camp turned slum called Masese III.  The people who live there fled the high deserts to escape war, child abduction and famine. Decades later, the community still struggles to survive each day and is aid dependent.  Though many of them say they are Christians their community is largely devoid of any tangible evidence of God’s love.  The people who live there…  the Karamojong tribe.  We are sure that God has called and sent us, alongside of others, to share the Gospel in word and deed with the hope He will bring His Karamojong children to Himself.

Today, the Karamojong in Masese Slum are at risk of being displaced again as the town dismantles the community to make room for development.  Nearly everyone is at a loss about where they will go or what they will do. As the community disappears, it is more clear than ever that Jesus’ call to disciple is the only way to make a long-term, eternal impact among the Karamojong tribe.  We currently seek discipling relationships through three platforms.

Financial Training and Job Creation. We seek to provide practical business skills and opportunities that give way for the Karamojong to leave aid dependency and engage the dignity of meaningful work.  We want husbands to care for their wives, Single moms for their children and the list goes on.

Advocacy.  We seek to have honest conversations with the Karamojong in order to help shape the NGO services rendered to the community.  This involves connecting the Karamojong to needed services, preventing abuse of these services or even working to prevent organizations who unknowingly or carelessly promote unethical services - like adoption of children with caring parents.

Church Planting.  We seek to experience and invite the Karamojong into a simple church format that is reproducible for the poor.

Since being in Uganda we've adopted 2 children, Gloria and Evan as well as given birth to two more, Karis and Sam.  For more information about us or our, visit us at or contact us at

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Hunter & Emily Foreman

Preparing for work in Uganda

Preparing for work in Uganda

Hunter: I currently work as a Physical Therapist Assistant, and I’ve been employed since my graduation in March of this 2018. I attended South College of Asheville for my degree and am currently looking into the process of continuing my education to obtain my full license as Physical Therapist. I have a huge passion for the body and helping others stay healthy in theirs. I love spending time with kids because of my large family and hope to pass on the knowledge and excitement I’ve gained for these things with the people I work alongside.

Emily: We were married in 2016, and we have since grown together in our love of the Lord, each other, and our first son, Judah. We share a passion for the body and health as well as children and babies. Staying active and making memories is important to our family, and we love adventure and new experiences. Moving to another country and culture will test us in many ways, I know, but we continue to feel led in the direction of Uganda. It is our hope that our vision will remain stayed on that common horizon and, that through our adoration of it, others may catch a glimpse of what it is we are working and living toward.

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Enid Nazziwa

Enid Nazziwa is a rural health worker in Uganda who lost her husband to HIV/AIDS sixteen years ago.  Through the Good Samaritan Clinic, she spiritually and medically attends to poor HIV/AIDS patients, their families, and the elderly.  Enid lives in Budo with her children Isaac, Psalms, Vickie, Catherine and Caroline.

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