Barrie Flitcroft


Rev. Barrie Flitcroft served as President of Equip since its founding and has resigned as President effective October 25, 2013 to take on the new role as Chaplain and Representative-at-Large. He is a Pastor, conference speaker and former missionary to Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines. Barrie holds both British and Canadian citizenship, and was educated in Scotland studying for the ministry in Edinburgh. He served a pastorate in the Scottish/English borders before going to Vietnam as a missionary in 1969. With over forty years of experience as an evangelist, Pastor and missionary. Barrie lead Equip as it's Director, taught courses on "an evangelical response to the poor," at the Equip training center in North Carolina. Tillie Flitcroft is a native of Northern Ireland and a citizen of Canada. Tillie is a British trained nurse, midwife and public health nurse having studied at Cambridge, Newcastle and Edingurgh. After extensive service with her husband in Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines, Tillie now serves as an instructor in ATI, and teaches midwifery in the MMI program.