Why you need Equip . . .

You have a unique calling to a particular mission opportunity and you want the best skill set for a particular mission field.
Your youth group needs to know how to give a cup of cold water in Jesus’s name with a “hand up” rather than a handout.
You’re a medical professional and you would benefit from qualified continuing ed with a mission focus.
You need a parent organization that can come along side you in your unique ministry for support with fundraising, healthcare, hands-on training, and telling your story.
You want the best techniques for teaching English in any part of the world.
You want hands-on, practical training in working in under resourced communities, addressing clean water issues, providing basic health care and hygiene, teaching practical farming techniques and pointing new-found friends to Jesus.

You have unique circumstances and a unique call for missions.
We will train you with the practical skills for your unique call.