Well Drilling Technologies

This course covers all aspects of providing a safe, potable water supply in remote locations. Students will learn drilling techniques utilizing a Mud Rotary Drill—and will actually locate an aquifer on our property; drill, ream and case the borehole, and install a hand pump. Although rotary drilling will be the primary focus of the course, students will also learn to manually drill with simple, less expensive, percussion methods and hand augers. Graduates of the course will find they are not only more adept at purchasing the right well-drilling equipment, but are capable of supervising proper well construction by contracted firms.

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From a former well drilling technologies student

"In 2012 I (Tim) had the privileged of coming to the campus of Equip International in North Carolina and attend a training course on "How to Drill a Well". I was very curious about how you located water underground and the drilling process and found that Equip International was known for their expert training courses that allowed students a complete hands on experience. I went on to serve as the operations director of a well drilling organization and have found that Equip stands out from the crowd when it comes to practical training courses for anyone wanting to be involved with missions or humanitarian work."

-Tim Anderson, Peru

Course Outputs:

  • Overview of geology as it relates to water well drilling

  • Where to locate the water well

  • Drill and complete a water well using the LS-100

  • Water well construction and hand pump installation

  • Water testing and water disinfection

  • Drilling for water with hand augers

  • Drilling for water using percussion tools

  • Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of drilling methods

  • Small engine maintenance and repair

Missionaries and other church workers who complete this course are better able to meet the need for safe water in the mission field.

The fee includes a training manual, a training video, breakfast and lunch each day and accommodations. Your Equip instructors have also been trained by Living Water International.

For more information on the LS-100 and 200 the following link is provided. http://www.lonestardrills.com/water-well-drills/mechanical-series/

Percussion Drilled Wells

During your time at Equip, Inc. you will have the opportunity to learn a method of drilling developed hundreds of years ago by the Chinese. They have drilled wells through rock to depths of hundreds of feet. This method is labor and time intensive, but where capital is not available, and labor and time are, the percussion drill could be used to provide a good source of water. Upon completion of the course, the participant will receive instruction in the use of and plans for the construction of this simple rig.

Hand Auger Produced Wells

We offer a simple method of producing shallow wells in soft formations where water might be available at sixty feet or less. This method has been used successfully and works well coupled with the BioSand filter to ensure that potable water is provided.

If you have a team of four (4) or more, and these dates do not fit your schedule, contact Kieth Larrimore - technology@equipinternational.org to discuss scheduling options.

Course Registration - Well Drilling

Course Fee: $660

Includes course instruction, materials, comfortable housing and tasty meals. Our affordable fees are made possible by professional instructors who volunteer or raise their own support - that's how eager we are to share our expertise!  Full Payment due with registration.

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