Become A Missionary

Equip International is unique as a sending organization.  How? Instead of requiring prospective missionaries to choose a "job opening", we invite people to tell us where they are gifted and where they feel called.  This allows our missionaries to work in their areas of passion.  We believe that God gifts His people, and often calls them to certain areas of the world.  

The process.  First, we ask that prospective missionaries fill out a preliminary application.  We use this to get to know you, and begin prayerfully considering your area of service.  Not only does this application help introduce you, it might help you better define what you would like to do on the mission field.  This is the beginning of our conversation.  

Second, if you are accepted as an Equip missionary, we will move forward with you as you prepare to go on the field.  We might suggest several of our practical training courses, and will give you guidance as you begin fundraising.  Once you are on the field we will support you with prayer, ongoing discipleship and encouragement, and practical support like receiving and accounting for the donations you receive, sending out your quarterly newsletters and helping manage your health insurance.  

Ready to get started? Fill out the preliminary application below.

To fill out the application online, follow this link: Preliminary Application.